The Plan To Execute Business Networking Group.

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We've created a complimentary online group hosted on the facebook platform designed to help you:

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Plan To Execute Mastermind Student Interest Group (S.I.G)

The PTE Mastermind group  is a membership-based business networking group formulated for entrepreneurs who need support, accountability, and the motivation to pick it back up and keep going!

This group houses weekly in-depth online business training, collaboration opportunities, networking, motivation, online/offline outings, and more. 

We currently have members all across the U.S.




Business Education

Business Development 

Building Resources 

Live Events and more!


Student/ Alumni Membership Investment

$25 per month 

Non Student Community Member Investment 

$45 per month 


Note: Annual membership investment options available click 

Networking and Collaboration

We wouldn't be "An Institute of higher learning" for entrepreneurs if we didn't provide you with the awesome opportunity to connect, collaborate and grow with our approved coaches and other entrepreneurs just like you!


Tiffany Easley.


I was introduced to the "The PTE Mastermind " Group several months ago and my entrepreneurial journey has taken flight to a new level of “bombness”.

I had the pleasure of participating in The Entrepreneurs 5 Days Of Prayer and Fasting,  This was an amazing time. Each day was well planned from the topics, speakers, and study guides. As an entrepreneur of faith this process reminded me of the importance in keeping God first in my business. These 5 days provided me with a successful strategy to build, maintain, and align my business with God as the head.

I highly recommend connecting with this group and  for those who desire to propel their business to the next level enage in their courses,your business will never be the same; it will exude BOMBNESS.

anthonyjohnson .jpg

Anthony Johnson,

Award winning chef

 "I've work with the "Keystone Team and been a member of "The PTE Complimentary Business Networking Group 

for some years now. I had been catering for years with all the ups and downs and uncertainties that caterers go through in getting new business. One of the most impactful realization that learned through working with her is to concentrate on Cooking Classes as opposed to waiting on Catering jobs. Because they took the time to evaluate me as a person along with my business it was an “aha” moment that I’ve always enjoyed helping people which why I excelled in customer service and developing my employees when I was a manager at a major corporation. That, combined with my love for cooking made sense that this is my "why" teaching cooking classes brought me so much satisfaction. But also the cooking classes were more stable and something the happened more frequently resulting in my best year ever last year. Because of refocusing my business on my true enjoyment it comes across and attracts more customers. This year we’re focusing on bringing the cooking classes to social media more. Now keep in mind that the more I’ve done classes last year the more catering jobs I landed. Thanks KBI 


Charlene Harris, Author

The PTE Mastermind S.I.G
This network has pushed me beyond what I could imagine!!! Stepping out of my comfort zone and truly being all that God has called me to be!!! The network provides the tools, resources, and so much more!!! It’s not your ordinary network - there’s prayer, accountability, outings and more!!!!! So much encouragement and support
They really do business and life with you!! 
It’s definitely an honor to be apart of something so awesome!!!


Lena Wilson, Coach

PTE Mastermind S.I.G

is a great resource to help me on my entrepreneurial journey. It’s a place where I am growing both personally and professionally and I am able to meet other amazing like-minded people. The Network has helped me to leap out of my comfort zone and launch into my destiny in a bolder way. It’s an honor to be here.


"Alone, we can do so little; together , we can do so much"

Helen Keller